Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rare Test Note CHINA - "Year of the Dragon 2012" intaglio Testnote SPECIMEN

This is a beautiful Test Note from CHINA - "Year of the Dragon 2012" intaglio Specimen Sample note with a lot of different security features. It is beautifully designed with dragons on both sides (please see also pictures for a closer look !). The note is designed by TJ CHANGLY INTELART Digital Imaging Co. and printed by BJ Credentials printer Co., China. It is printed on watermarked banknote paper with security stripe, OVI-security feature on front and special ink use for the numbers "2012" on front and back. It has a perforation "2012+" and is intaglio printed. A highly beautiful chinese test note and very hard to get. 
It comes along with the original descriptive folder and a beautiful red cover for the folder and the note in chinese style. A rare item for your collection !

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